Forensic nursing bridges the many gaps between nursing, medicine, forensic science, and the justice system with the intent of providing high-quality patient care while preserving and interpreting evidence in the pursuit of justice for victims of violence and those accused of perpetrating it. The concept was originally founded in 1984 by Virginia Lynch, an emergency department nurse who actively sought ways to transform the healthcare approach to victims of sexual assault. A group of forensic nurses lead by Ms. Lynch established the first professional forensic nursing organization in 1992, known as the International Association of Forensic Nurses. In 1995, the American Nurses Association officially recognized forensic nursing as a nursing specialty. Since that time, forensic nursing has branched into multiple sub-specialties, including sexual assault, death investigation, child maltreatment, child neglect, elder maltreatment, domestic violence, mass disasters, corrections, human trafficking, dating violence, bullying, and forensic and legal consulting, just to name a few. Forensic nurses are now actively engaged in research, violence prevention efforts, and shaping policy at the state and national levels. Lead by advanced practice forensic nursing scholars, The Academy of Forensic Nursing has also been established since that time and is flourishing in their efforts to link research to forensic nursing practice. In most states across the country, forensic nurses have also formed state-wide professional organizations to set the standards for forensic nursing practice and those impacting the care of forensic patients in their individual states. The Georgia Association of Forensic Nurses (GAFN) is the only professional forensic nursing organization in the State of Georgia, and it is our hope that you will join us in our quest to ensure all Georgians have access to the highest quality of evidence-based forensic nursing and medical care!

Our Mission

The mission of GAFN is to promote patient healing through an evidence-based response to trauma and violence and to advocate excellence in forensic nursing practice.


Our Vision

The vision of GAFN is to be recognized as the authority and premier membership organization for forensic nurses in Georgia.


2019 Annual Conference Sponsors

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Partnerships are vital to professional organizations, and sponsorships are essential to their sustainability. As the only forensic nursing organization in the state, Georgians depend on us to ensure the provision of high-quality, evidence-based forensic healthcare to facilitate optimal healing and promote justice. Take an active role in helping the GAFN meet those expectations through a partnership and/or sponsorship today!

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