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Message From The GAFN President

Welcome to the official website for the Georgia Association of Forensic Nurses (GAFN)! We are glad you found us, and we sincerely appreciate your interest in forensic nursing.

Whether we are caring for a victim of trauma or violent crime, or one who is accused of such a crime, forensic nurses are called to serve. Research has clearly demonstrated the long-term, detrimental impact of trauma and violence on mental and physical well-being. As forensic nurses, the care we provide and the approach we utilize to deliver that care have a direct impact on the outcomes of our patients. GAFN's mission is to 

promote healing through an evidence-based response to trauma and violence and to advocate excellence in forensic nursing practice. The intersection of medical and forensic science is constantly and rapidly evolving, and an evidence-based approach is absolutely essential to patient safety and justice.

GAFN’s seven core values include integrity, diversity, service, collaboration, compassionate healing, scholarship, and education. Forensic patients are best cared for utilizing an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach, and that approach best facilitates the carriage of justice. GAFN advocates a diverse workforce of forensic nurses who feel prepared for and supported in their unique and highly specialized role. We believe it is imperative forensic nurses have access to high-quality, evidence-based education and sub-specialty training and are properly educated and mentored to facilitate the provision of world class, forensic nursing care, professional growth, and leadership development.


Policies and legislation related to funding, reimbursement, nursing scope of practice, and criminal procedures are often decided by those outside of forensic nursing and healthcare. Unfortunately, the unique healthcare needs of forensic patients are often an afterthought, as are the needs of the forensic nurses working tirelessly to provide the highest quality of care and promote healing. As nurses we are called to advocate safe, high-quality, timely, and effective care for our patients. We believe this is best accomplished through a single, informed, united voice. GAFN is the only professional nursing organization in the state of Georgia devoted to educating, mentoring, supporting, and advocating for forensic nurses and those in need of forensic healthcare. We believe it is imperative Georgia forensic nurses have a seat at the decision-making table to ensure our needs and those of our patients are clearly heard and understood to facilitate an informed decision-making process. It is our sincere hope that you will join us as we take our seat at that table.


All the Best,

Dr. Trinity L. Ingram-Jones

President, Georgia Association of Forensic Nurses